The story begins in a small town called Kelso, Missouri….


Bob Drury and his brothers grew up working long hours on the family farm back in the 1940’s. Their father Lambert Drury introduced his sons to the construction industry by forming a tile and plaster company to help supplement the family farm income. The business began by taking on small jobs. Bob and some of his brothers took leave of plastering to serve loyally in the US Army.    

Upon returning, Bob married his high school sweetheart, Anna Rose Heisserer, who  grew up on a neighboring farm outside of Kelso. Bob and his brothers helped energize the Drury family business, making it successful and respected throughout southeast Missouri and neighboring states. Ann raised their 3 children, Kathy, Rick and Julie, as well as becoming a real “shaker and mover” of the Volunteer Department of St. Francis Hospital.

In the 1960’s the Drury family business expanded and they built their first hotel in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Bob and his brothers enjoyed the challenges and rewards that the hotel industry presented, so in 1974 they formed another company known today as Drury Hotels.

After a visit to Texas, Bob and Ann set up a second home in San Antonio, and continued to expand the Drury Hotel business throughout the southwestern United States.

Ann attended many hotel conventions and board meetings with Bob. She learned the trade quite well and graced many of the new hotels with her expertise in decorating. Bob wanted to create a hotel dedicated to Ann’s love of the hospitality industry and the warm state of Texas. Posada Ana Inn” was conceived as a “Peaceful Resting Place” reminiscent of the Christmas Pageant “Las Posadas”. The 1st Posada Ana Inn was inaugurated in July 1998 located near the airport in San Antonio, TX.

Unfortunately, Ann’s life would become embattled with breast cancer. She bravely fought this complex disease until she passed away on December 13, 1999.